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Selecting the perfect guest bed | Guest Bed

Selecting the perfect guest bed

So you have visitors coming from out of town who plan to stay over at your place and you are in state of near panic because you don’t have a guest bed where your esteemed guest can rest? Just before you hurry out to the nearest furniture store for one, keep in mind the following tips, so you are not stuck with a guest bed that you hate and regret the decision you made of purchasing one. With such a wide range of beds to choose from in the many furniture stores, selecting the right guest bed can seem to be a herculean task. Although your guest will be staying with you only for a few days, you want to play the perfect host and make sure your visitors feel welcome and are comfortable with the arrangements you make for them to ensure the time they spend with you is memorable.

Guest BedSize of the room decides the size of the guest bed:

Haven’t we all at some point walked into a room stuffed with such huge pieces of furniture, that we have hardly any place to walk around. Some of the worst decorated rooms are the ones where you have to walk around with utmost care, turning and sliding to avoid bumping into any stuff. Even if the room in which you plan to put up your guest is the size of a closet, with a little creativity, you can fit in a guest bed and have enough space to walk around freely. At the same time a huge palatial room requires a much bigger bed so the room doesn’t feel empty and cold. The golden rule of thumb to follow, a big guestroom requires a big guest bed, while a small guestroom requires a smaller Guest Bed. When the room is very large, consider adding a nice nightstand with a bed lamp. They are both functional and also add warmth to the decor.

What type of bed to get for your guestroom?

Considering you won’t have guests all year round, spending an exorbitant amount of money on a piece of furniture that is used occasionally is not the wisest thing to do. Though it is good to purchase a guest bed of good quality, look for a good offer where you can get something you like at a discounted price. A sturdier bed is advisable if you foresee a steady flow of guests that will keep your guestroom busy all the time.

Decorating the guestroom well is a way of showing your guest that you are happy to have them over at your house. Even though you decorate the guestroom on a tight budget, it is possible to create a space that is cozy and comfortable for your guests who could be members of your family or friends. After spending most part of the day out of the house, when your guests are back home, a comfortable guest bed to sleep in feels like a luxury.

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