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Picking the best guest bed for your visitors | Guest Bed

Picking the best guest bed for your visitors

Losing your sleep about what guest bed to buy for your newly purchased house? You could be the proud owners of a new house or a newly married couple setting up your love nest. You know exactly how each room should look and what kind of furniture to buy for it, except you haven’t thought of where to accommodate your future guest who might show up at your doorstep. Though you could ask your guest to adjust and use the couch for as long as they stay, it is better when you can provide them with a guest bed where they can rest and feel comfortable. Not having a guest bed can be a bit of a problem if you are expecting a couple, in which case you might have to sacrifice your own bedroom so that your guests can have the room.

Guest BedWhat to do when space is a premium:

You have the perfect house, but do not have a separate guestroom where you can put up your guests? Not to worry. Since guests visit only occasionally, it is not necessary to use up a whole room to accommodate a large bed and wait for it to be used only when you have some visitors. When renting a space has become so expensive, it is best to decorate in a way that makes a room multi functional. If you have a home office or a study room, it can be converted to a guestroom when needed. Instead of having a bed, make use of sofa cum beds or a smart futon that can be converted to a Guest Bed when your guest wants to retire for the night. This is a great option as your guest will have a little bit of privacy and it is more comfortable than trying to sleep on the couch.

Guest bed options:

Though there is nothing like having a large king sized bed to offer the guest at your house, it is not feasible for many people. But with the many options available, you are sure to have a happy guest. Futons are great if find one that blends well with the decor of your room. They are much better than the ugly folding guest beds and they also occupy less space. If you have the space, then a rollaway bed is another great option if you are expecting more than one guest. Don’t have the luxury to have a daybed occupying so much space? There is always the air mattress which can be inflated when you have guests and it can be deflated and stored away easily without occupying any precious floor space. With the self-inflatable models, you won’t even have to be there while the mattress inflates all by itself.

No matter if you have guests coming in to stay with you just for the weekend or if they will be staying for a longer period. You will never have to worry if you have a guest bed where your guest can sleep.

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