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Guest beds and the different variations they come out in to suit your specific needs | Guest Bed

Guest beds and the different variations they come out in to suit your specific needs

There are a whole range of guest beds available today to suit each one’s need and requirement; all it takes is a little patience to browse through all of the catalogues, learn of the different features of each type of guest bed and buy the one that offers optimum comfort for you or your guests when they come over to spend some time with you.

Guest beds are looked upon as multi-functional furniture pieces that mainly offer your guests a good place to rest at night and a comfortable sleep.

These guest beds not only offer your guests a comfortable place to sleep but also serve as seating options during the day and also for storage of bed linen, pillows, etc.

Guest BedSome of the popular guest beds available today

There are a wide variety of guest beds that provide good solutions to different types of needs and requirements. A few of them are highlighted here for reference to prospective buyers.

Day beds are those that offer comfort during day as well as night; they serve as a sofa by day and as a bed at night. Some of them have storage drawers too. During day you can add lots of cushions in bright hues to turn it into a comfortable sofa. Having a good mattress increases the comfort quotient of these beds.

Hideaway guest beds are truly great space savers; in this the under bed simply rolls out, lifts up to get a double or twin units for sleeping. Folding beds or Hideaway beds can store neatly and transform into sleeping units when required.

Chair beds are highly versatile and best suit children’s room or study room. They are compact and can fold out to provide a single bed most practical and useful for sleep over parties for your kids.

Folding guest beds are easy to erect and are truly inexpensive and most convenient too. They are made in different sizes to suit your specific needs.

Trundle beds and under beds serve as good Guest Bed and often fit under most bed frames. When the guests appear all you have to do would be to pull out and lift so that the legs are dropped down.

Sofa beds are most popular among the choice available for guest beds. Though they have the appearance of a conventional sofa they have a concealed folded bed under the sitting area which when needed simply lifts up and unfolds into a most comfortable double bed.

Futons are from the Far East and consist of the futon or the mattress and the base frame made from either wood or metal. The futon or the mattress is folded and made to sit on the base frame; whenever required it unfurls flat upon the converted base frame.

Chair beds made of metal and wood are a great choice for guest beds. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit the rooms.

Now that you have a fair idea of the different varieties of guest beds and their features you can go confidently to pick up a guest bed that best suits your requirement.

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