A guest bed is a must have, if your house is constantly buzzing with family or friends who come over to spend time with you. You could be living in a huge house where you can afford to have a separate guestroom or many guestrooms, always ready to cater to your guests, or you could be living in a small apartment where you can’t afford to have a separate room dedicated to accommodate guests. What matters is that your guest has a proper Guest Bed where they can sleep. With the furniture markets flooded with a variety of beds, you just have to select a guest bed that fits the size of the room, matches the decor and also doesn’t burn a hole in the wallet. Doing a little research before you head out of the door to buy a guest bed can be very helpful.

Guest Bed

Folding beds:

When you have an apartment or house that isn’t big enough to have a different bedroom for guests, folding beds are great for this situation. When you have guests, just open up these guest beds and when you don’t want them anymore, you can fold and store them in a cupboard, in the garage or even in the attic.


The futons are not just for university kids anymore. Though they were a common sight in every college going kids room, the futons these days are better looking and the mattresses are not lumpy. They can be used like a sofa when folded and when you need the Guest Bed, it is easy to open up. There are futon sofas and also futon chairs depending on whether you want a single bed or a slightly larger bed for two people to sleep on.

Sofa beds:

With just minimal arrangement of the cushions and the ottomans, you can convert sofas to bed when you have to make a place for your guest to stay. Unlike boring and uncomfortable sofa beds of the past, the newer ones in the market are very stylish, durable, flexible and they make great guest beds.

Air mattress:

If space is a real constraint, then you have the air mattress that just needs to be inflated when you have visitors staying over for the night. There are many self-inflatable mattresses available in the market which are so simple to set up. When you don’t require them anymore, just fold them up like a package and store them out of sight.

Trundle beds:

These are again great because you can have a roll away bed stored under it, or you could use the space below as storage to tuck away pillows and bedding out of sight. They make nice day beds and also great guest beds, where it is not possible to have a room set aside exclusively for guests.

No matter the size of the house, the room or the budget, with a little planning and a little time invested in researching, you can find the perfect guest bed.